04 September 2009

iftar n test

salam to everyone...

yup.. i think i didnt post sumthing a long time ago..

hm.what's all about the title ya?

next there'll be many activities i need to 'grunge'

sat, 5/9: iftar with all my housemates around nilai or putrajaya. didnt decide yet. jan or ari will drive.

sun, 6/9: iftar with k-uia. but didnt decide yet. 50-50. want to go or not. so many books to read la..

mon, 7/9: free from 'unusual' iftar.. but i need to revise acc la.. 2mrw will be acc test. i want do my best to recover back anything marks that 'cacat n tempang' during mid exam. huhu

tue, 8/9: iftar with all account students. we, group 1 has been assigned to responsible with food matters. but 1 more i realise, it will conduct after class at 5pm. hah. so tired la.. actually, we've planned to conduct it on 10/9 but some problems appeared.. lalaala.hm. muna has called me just now n tell me the place will b at S.A.T. hm. very popular restaurant among girls..

wed. 9/9: AQH test.. ustz wan asked us to memorise surah al-maidah ayat 1-5 and 20 words in that ayat. hm. i need to tasmi' it early bcz i dunt want to stress myself for the coming wednesday. moreover, i need to recover back my marks that not satisfy him.. hoho

thur, 10/9: free from any test n iftar

fri, 11/9: yey.. 2weeks holiday are coming.. eagerly to back home bcz today i didnt go back.. how ya my feelings? it's ok rather than i sleep n sleep at my luvly home and didnt read anything. haha

** today, im so happy.. because somebody asked me to smile to get the 'awet muda' n good mood. plus, pn zurairah said our essay just now is very good compared to guys' essay who did same title.. a credit to adira n arfah(slump+ed.. haha). nice to work with all u guys.. muaxx..

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