07 April 2010

job interview


i just got a job as FOREX business trader at Futurecom Ventures.. ahaha! look interesting what?!

yesterday, ms Afzan interviewed me to get me hired at that company.. ahaha. actually it was my final speaking test exam for semester 2.

since we had learnt at class how to be interviewed, she applied it thru this test.

yeah. this interview began at 9am at bts 3.10 FSU. the members of session 7 were syafinaz g3, kak mirhan g2, mariam g5 and faris g4.

so, ms afzan came to the session a bit late. but never mind. we, as the interviewee must come early to get good impression from the interviewer!! is it rite?! huhu

so, the interview begin with "tell me about yourself?"

the question was answered first by fariz if i'm 'not mistaken. then, everyone take turn including me. when it was my turn, i told my personal details and bla2.. and what was looking funny was i said " i know current economic situation"... aaa. whatever! haha

so, next question " can you tell me what is malaysia current economic situation?"

yeah. a trapped question coming... everybody got silent. don't know how to answer it.. mute about 30seconds. because i started that point (current economic situation at first q) then everybody followed me.. everyone cant answer it.

so, it was my responsibility to answer that question... okey. listen it carefully! ms mardhiah want to tell you something about current economic situation.. " malaysia faced fluctuations about 2 years ago. then come to recession then recovery. bla2. so, business trader faced some crisis on that 2 years.." haha. you know what! i applied what i had read several days ago, MACROECONOMICS! that's why many BIG economic terms came out from my mind. haha

then, next question, " as business trader works for 24 hours, did u as women able to work on it?"

yeah. again (trapped question). fariz was exempted to answer that question.. my answer was " ow. never mind. as business trader need internet, at global era nowadays, we can get internet connection everywhere with broadband and wireless.. **haha. moreover, im already prepared to come back home late at night as i had worked as assistant accountant at Jaya Jusco before." ok. miss afzan nodded her head as a sign of .... ** i dont know. haha

ok.last question, "can you tell me what is your special so that i can hire u as one of our employee?"

huh. finally! so, this is my answer:

" there are many reasons why you should choose me. firstly, as i mention before, i had worked as an assistant accountant before. and i had dealt with many types of people. i know very much that, this type of job need me to meet many type of people. next, i can speak 4 different languages; english, arabic, malay and mandarin! because i know many chinese nowadays are interested with this type of business. moreover, mandarin is like english language-international language- next, i am not a type of procrastinate person. if u asked me to submit a work tomorrow, i will able to do it and submit it as when you want it. and it shows that i am willing to work in shift. plus, i don't like to pass my work to others, because i know, when i pass it to others, they will not satisfy my requirements on that work. lastly, i like to mingle with numbers. some people will get headache or easily dizzy when he or she see numbers. for me, it don't give me a problem. because i had participated national olympiad at 2007. for me, numbers are everything. without numbers, we don't have telephone numbers, address, car plate number.. so, with these reasons i mentioned earlier, i am good enough to be your next employee." haha. looks interesting right? *syok sendiri

then ms afzan commented after that session. she said, my curriculum vitae is the best among others because it compact with my personal details. and she asked others to refer mine. and what made me proud was ms afzan mentioned too to other groups to refer mine too. haha..

and what i want to say at here, in an interview, we need to become a boast person for a while. yeah. we compete with others to get the job..

p/s: 1. ms mardhiah will use her curriculum vitae as future reference to go for an interview! haha..
2. ms mardhiah was wearing purple attire yesterday and other girls wore blue. so, it's look like i am shining among others. haha. **BOAST again!


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