02 July 2010

FEM, here I come!


Tomorrow i will register myself as 1st year degree student!

FEM building

Fakulti Ekonomi & Muamalat!

Wait for me!

I want to study hard!

Get Dean List more!

* did u still remember u want to get DL 5 times a row during English Class?!

Collect more! *hehe.

Erk. study bukan nak dapat DL ok.

To get Allah's knowledge that are so wide!

May Allah bless and ease my study journey..

Jadi student yang baik macam tamhidi dulu.

Balance kan study dengan ko-ku. *debate & MC menantiku...*

Study hard & smart

After lecture je, balik rumah terus study balik, buat notes.

Itu yang penting!

I will become Accounting student soon!
Pray the best for me, OK!
I want to be a Muslim accounting for Islam's sake!
Luv u all.
Till we meet again! Take care
Bye, wassalam!

*xtau la ble lagi boleh post ni.. seminggu lepas tu kot. i will update my degree life. hehe*


cahayalembut said...

jangan lupa dakwah kampus :)

study is the first but DnT is not the second ^__^

mar mp 86 said...

insyaAllah, k.lina! tanx for the doa!