24 July 2010

take care of yourself!

lately, i have heard many of friends are in sick.
they got in flu, cold, headache, stomachache, diarrhea, etc..

so, the situation now, i was infected too!
sneezing all the times. bila tak larat, tidur la ubatnya..

petang ni, mcm da ok sikit. malam karang tak tahu la.
tidur bertemankan air-cond.. hehe

sore throat pun lebih kurang la.
my roommate, asma aka vio was coughing in this week.
i just accompanied her to HEP last tuesday..
lastly, i was get infected too! =(
suara pun ala-ala mcm da xnak keluar da..
i need dequadin! haha

then, people always said, there is a package of diseases
-- flu, cough, fever --
owh. no! i already get infected with first & latter. dont want the third =(
because i think my body mcm da panas2 ni..

last tuesday pun, masa nak buat announcement kat kelas,
my hands are like shaking2. menggeletar kesejukan - a sign of fever
suruh orang lain tuliskan kat whiteboard.
tanx a lot for helping me!

anyway, my mom had already supplied me a supplement, DHA colostrum;
that can strength my immune system. hope so!

so, i already vacant my weekend (24-25 july) to get a lot of rest.
next week, hectic schedule is begin again!

anyway, to my friends
auni, nad, asma : get WELL soon!

maybe our body can't adapt yet the night classes..
other factors: erratic weather

best regards,
group 2 acc class rep =)


little daie said...

thanks mar...and sorry being the victim in the RMK talk^_^

thinking of the hikmah beside the sickness

mar mp 86 said...

hehe. never mind.. friends are in easy & difficult situation~