08 August 2010

book obsession


Lately, I'm obsessing myself to books! :p

But, I don't have enough time to read all of these. There must be obstacles when I want to start read these..

Of course, quiz obstacles is the first. Next week, thursday, 12th aug, my business econ will held online quiz. so, be prepared! Chapter 1 -4. elasticity. refresh back..

Second obstacles, I need to complete the assignment as soon as possible. So, the priority is read TITAM book.. *da lame xbaca buku sejarah... ^_^'

Ok. Those books below are available at my mini library at my hostel room.

From Left to Right, up to bottom.

1. The skills of good speaking: borrowed at USIM library last thursday. still don't have chance to read.. anyway, just belek2. owh. it's sounds good to improve my speaking, how to present presentations, conduct a meeting, etc..

2. Kembara Hamba Mencari Cahaya: bought at Karnival Usahawan Islam at USIM on July. Just read its pendahuluan.. i read it before sleep as my self-reflection of the day.. obstacles: terlentok awal daripada baca.. hehe

3. Shopaholic & baby: a novel. I bought at Commercial Centre USIM last thursday. I get attracted to buy when Athirah S who suddenly let me see what she had bought at PK! =). get 15 percent discount; from RM 35 after less RM 25! I can't get this book at MPH, Kinokuniya at this price! actually, I want to collect more for my novels collection and this is my 4th english novel..

4. for one more day: a novel. borrowed from USIM library.. hah. I already read for 2 chapters! good, better, best! a story about a man who getting behind from his family. pity on him.. Can't wait eagerly to proceed to next chapters!

5,6,7. Murabbi Cinta, Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga & Aku Terima Nikahnya: Ust hasrizal Jamil's best-sellling books. a preparation to face adoolescent period since this year is my last teen, 19! *haha. actually already adolescent but next year, InsyaALLAH, my 2nd decade live at this world. Still don't have chance to read.. Just give a blink of eyes. Owh. when i can read these?

P/s: 1. Ok. did you have your own library at your room? share with me!

2. Reading a Bridge to Knowledge. Habisla, kalau madam hana tau I translate it thoroughly! hehe

3. currently reading biz notes econ, FOCUS!


miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...


uish, sempat lagi letak nama orang ey..

i pun ad abuku jugak..
agak2 da habis buku2 awak tu, bley la pinjam kita punya buku plak..

1) Allah sayang kamu - tips untuk org sakit

2) Sophie Kinsella - can you keep a secret?

3) Ust Pahrol Juoi - Nota fikir untuk zikir

4) Fathi Yakan - Apakah ertinya saya menganut Islam?

5) Nancy Drew

6) man are from mars and women are from venus

ouh, dan banyak lagi

rasa lebih 10 buku cerita kut.. jemput la datang rumah.. i mean nilam kay..


mar mp 86 said...

haha.. wah! banyaknya.. insyaAllah.. sekarang tengah baca for 1 more day tu.. baru j hbs kuiz econ.. bleh la baca bnyk lg.. hehe. quran too~

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...


that's the main priority now
i mean, forever Quran always be our top priority.,


lagu tu x mo tukar ke> hik

mar mp 86 said...

yeah... u r right...

lagu tu?? hm. tym tu tengah emo, sbb 2 lagu ni.. tp mmg nak tukar pun. cuma xberkesempatan lagi... will be.. =)