04 November 2010

Bye W395, Hi J10i2 Elm


I think all of you know what it is all about! =)

All of this happened accidentally... huhu..

The story began here...

Last saturday, during busy in messaging my classmate to ask for their email, my hp screen appeared blank. nothing. omg! da risau sangat da ni.. it is the second time this hp buat hal! =(

Luckily, i have my backup hp, nokia 6020 *given by my grandfather. see! still berjasa even I already pack it up... lalala~*

yeah, with the virtue of the hp, i still can message my friend; titas and all about life~ but, the keypad not function very well. so, macam xbest sangat la nak message kan? lol!

[sony ericsson W395. thanks for all your good deeds..]

owh yeah. the problem was when i slide it up, the screen had appeared nothing. but, when i slide it down, it appeared! omg. this hp drove me crazy! so, it just function as my music companion. time tula baru nak play game, racing car.

for your *me too ... * information, this hp life expectancy just 1 year 5 months. haha. i bought it several days before i registered at USIM. anyway, hp ni dah banyak berjasa. ease my work as class rep for sem 2 tamhidi and sem 1 degree.. messaging my classmates and maintaining the bond of family bila berjauhan.. haha

so, no hal la dia rosak kan? even muna yg jadi class rep for the whole tamhidi last year and this sem, pun da tukar bnyk hp?! hehe.. *muna, sorry.. =)*

[sony ericsson J10i2 Elm. silalah berjasa kepada saya ok..]

so, i just trade in the W395 and bought this on 011110 *binary code. haha. applykan ICT! =p* hope it will accompany me for about 4-5 years.. first time kot beli warna pink! hoho.. its features pun not bad.. ada peningkatan.. i will use it wisely ok.. hehe

ok. need to pen off..

p/s: 1. ad orang tu kata, hp sy da setanding dgn hp dy - 5MP camera. before this, mine only 2MP.. =p
2. taubat sudah xnak beli slide or flip. nak beli yang biasa je. takut pisang berbuah dua kali.. hoho

3. sedih rasa tengok W395 dijual.. =(


muna majidah said...

salam, mar
xmarah pun, sakit hati je..
main2 kot!

moga hp baru ni dgunakn dgn lebih bijak

lebih semangat lepas ni ya, kita sama2 jalan seiringan(ingt janji kita dlm sms hr tu)

wassalam ya ukht fillah

mar mp 86 said...



owh. muna! u r my bestie..~ guide me ok?! no matter what, when we are in easy or difficult situations.

muna majidah said...


mar,u need to guide me too coz there're many roads in front;either good or bad,either right or wrong

may Allah bless our friendship