19 November 2010

Exam is just around the corner!


Hm. y'all dpt rasa tak kehangatan nak exam minggu depan? hesy. rasa berdebar2! takut semua ada..

anyway, i hope that all of us had fully-utilized the given 3 weeks to study, revise and re-read!

to all my dear friends, anywhere you are, USIM, KMS, UiTM etc..

I'm wishing you best of luck! sama2 kita bagi yang terbaikk!!

[stay calm! that's important]

[yeah. no need to be a bookworm! study smart already enough!]

[lastly, may us pass the exam with flying colours~]

Not to forget, my dear sis, Shazwani and my dear cousin, Mimi will sit for SPM and STPM respectively. their exam will start on 23rd nov, a day after my exam - 22nd nov.

however it is, don't forget to pray, pray and pray to Allah. ask HIM to make us stay calm during the exam and give us the best result. after all your Doa, Usaha, Ikhtiar then Tawakal =DUIT! then, tunggula result dengan tenang. but don't forget to still pray! may Allah "open" the heart of examiners to give us the best marks! =)

and this is my schedule:

1st WEEK:
22nd nov - arabic 2

24th nov - economics, TITAS

25th nov - ICT

2nd WEEK:

1st dec - Ethnic

2nd dec - arabic 1

3rd dec - english 2

3rd WEEK:
8-11th dec - Arabic Language Support Programme

4th WEEK:

12-15th dec - English Language Support Programme

5th WEEK onwards:
16th dec 10 - 1st jan 11 - Movies Marathon!! yeay! =)

ok. that's all from me, good luck my dear friends!
er. wish me too ya! =)

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