03 March 2012

My weekend project

CMC with peaches & nuts

Assalamualaikum my dear readers!

How's your weekend? is it good? Alhamdulillah, it's a best weekend for me. I had did some experiments on my Choc Moist Cake (CMC).

I called it unplanned experiment since I didn't infer any inference! heh. *applying primary science* I just woke up this morning and took breakfast and suddenly my tekak felt rasa macam nak makan kek. haha. padahal boleh kata everyday I ate CMC since I have small CMC business with Athirah and Safura. Alhamdulillah, the progress is good becomes better. Last few days, our colleagues have tried our CMC and they ordered 2 pieces of cake without hesitate. Custom made. They just requested anything as the topping as long as it's according to their budget! Fulalala~

Wokay2. It's like mcm takde kena mengena pun kan dengan my weekend project kan? Back to basic okay? So, today, as I mentioned before that we have received 2 orders of cake, I tried to do some experiments first before jual kat org. How would be the cake texture and taste when I top up with strawberry cream, choc chip and choc lava+fruits

So, after did the baking, I top it up with strawberry cream balance which I had whipped it last week for cream puff. Result: it's over sweet. Not suitable for oldies and me too. I don't prefer it. Enough said. Lepas ni tanak guna strawberry cream dah.

2. Choc chip. Result: i have did it last 2 weeks. and the choc chips were sunk and it gathered at the centre. Mcm xbest. Rejected.

3. Choc lava+fruits. Result: hari ni buat choc lava guna Milo since cocoa powder da habis buat kek td. *haha. thats why I said that it's unplanned experiment. If not, of course, all the ingredients are enough already!*  Rasa mcm kek batik (anyone who have tried my kek batik mesti tau mcm mana rasa dia) but still can't compete with true choc lava; choc ganache! And, I have add up with peaches and nuts. The taste is not bad! I can't describe by words. Kalah King's cake. Bahaha.

That's all. Next order, I think it should be add up with strawberry. Mesti lagi sedap!

P/s: i. Baking and cooking are good therapy. U will forget all ur problems and do enjoy ur passion!
ii. Straight after baked the CMC, I cooked for lunch. and, now, rasa mcm nak pengsan awal. sbb penat sangat berdiri kat dapur :p
iii. Anyone nak tempah ikut bajet boleh call me okay? Suitable for makan saje2 for chocolate lovers and birthday cake etc etc.

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