01 March 2012

Honest, open, genuine

I truly believe that being honest, open, & genuine can get you everywhere. We are always trying to figure people out, who to trust, who to invest in, who to be-friend, who to support, & who will support us as positive soul. Without realizing we often to to impress others, give to them, or do things to encourage their positive feedback towards us.

But, what stands out the most to me is not that perfect person with the perfect looks...who has everything including what "seems" to be a perfect life. No. My life is not perfect, nor am I. What attracts others despite perfection...is a genuine & honest, warm, positive person who is not afraid to reveal their imperfections, failures, and who truly listens to you. 

It puts us at ease. It allows us to trust and open up. It makes us feel special and perfect as we are. It makes us comfortable. It draws us in. It causes us to want to offer more. 

Just be genuine in projection and intention. People will respond very positively to it...and be very grateful for it. To hear of imperfection does not send positive people away. It draws them closer. :)

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