17 February 2012

Semester 4!


Friends, know what? 4th semester is just around the corner!

Are you ready guys? I bet you did already the packing process. hehe. me not! (satu ape pun xkemas lg..)

By the way, just now, I'm so rajin to do arrange my timetable for 4th semester.

So, this it is! Let's check it out and analyze it! Zasss~

feel free to download! and, this is exclusively for those who will attend same class with me, KMB1 for creative class.
owh ya! Forgot to mention, this timetable is consists of lecture session only. For the tutorial, it's still not available. A week after lecture begins then comes the tutorial session together.

So? What is your opinion about this table? What? You want to hear mine first? Okay. Lets do it together!

Monday: The class start on 11am. Em. I wish that no class on 8am monday on this coming semester . haha. can I? Because last semester we successfully passed through it! And, you can see how many among us datang kelam kabut? Haha. because of the 1st day class start on 8am. yeah. the weekend mood is still there. haha. Btw, I just noticed that intermediate acc lecture still on monday! same like last sem but different time only.. :)

Tuesday: Yes. The class start at 8am and finish at 11am. What class is that? Akhlak & Tasawwuf. 3  hours! hey! i never ever attend 3 hours of lecture before this. how ya the class? hope that the class will be as merry as usul fiqh on last semester. Still remember the class at DKP 1? Owh ya! This semester, all lectures will be at FEM at all. bestnya! But, wait! nanti mesti terlepas any event kat PKP. kan? hoho. So, after that lecture will start on 4pm. Audit class. Hope that, the gap between 11am-4pm tu ade kelas tutorial. panjang sangat gapnye nanti. hehe. OR kalau ad gap pun still okay, but not so long la. Hope that there is a time for rest because the class will start at 4pm and end at 6pm. faham2 sendirila macam mana keadaan masa tu.. hehe

Wednesday: Like last semester, the class will finish at 1pm. and, good news! there is gap at 11am. boleh brunch! haha. like last semester, the class straight from 9am-1pm. perut pun berbunyi2 masa kelas biz math. haha. lepas tu bising2 semua org lepas kelas math, lapar3.:p

Thursday: The class time same like on Wednesday. And, of course, mesti ada tutorial kan lepas tu? hehe. And, good news! We will not have night class like last semester! HAHA. Still remember the commercial law class at night? Semua pakai sempoi2 je malam tu..

Friday: Yeah! The lecture will start in the evening. Same like last semester but at different times. This time 1 hour late. Means, the class will start at 4pm! peh. tak menahan. last sem kelas start pukul 3pm pun rasa mcm malas2 nak pergi. haha

hehe. banyak kan komen saya? Whatever it is, I'm still GRATEFUL that I have the chance to continue my learning for this semester. Look alike that our favourite gadget this semester, is still, CALCULATOR! hehe. And, hope that Allah will give his Understanding on me to learn all these subjects! I can't wait to grab all the knowledge! InshaAllah :)

May Allah bless us! Ameen. 


hudahassan ^^ said...

Pergh . kencang kan sbjek . Semoga Allah memudahkan urusan kita semua . Ameeennn :)

mar mp 86's said...

ameen.. strive hard for this sem ya! ;)