12 January 2010

MUET result- Alhamdulillah~


I thanked very much to Allah for giving me such precious result that I never expected!
Something I learnt from previous last semester exam; dont excited very much a day before the result out. just keep quiet with urself. dont deal with others. KEEP QUIET! haha

So, I had practiced it yesterday (sunday) by dont story anymore that muet result will out this morning (12.01am)... zap my mouth! haha

Lastly, from kept myself from all ready written faith from Allah (knowing the result) and tried surfing the internet (with the line was so very busy) to know the result, i have decided to use sms (even charged for sending and receiving sms about 30cents). At 12.00pm (after acc lcture) i sent the sms. i thought it will reply soon after that. but no!


ok... what 4? 4 what? i asked dira.. "dira, the last number is the band ya?" she nodded.

ok.. speechless.. praised be to Allah.. He already set a faith to me to get Band 4.. Alhamdulillah... That's all. nway, for others don't give up! this is not the end of ur life.. come on!

p/s: 1. congratz to muna, fazlie and amir for got band 4!
2. i had declared tomorrow is group 1 holiday! haha. no class for tomorrow..
3. just now someone asked for marriage.. eh.. no3. haha. asked for me to become an Affair Division member for Tamhidi Acc's trip on 25th jan.. hesy, can i know who mention my name in the meeting?


aleen said...

wah, hebatnye!
congrates to all of u!!

mar mp 86 said...

thank you.. xd la hebat..bese2 j..

inquisitive said...

haha~amboi popular skrg ni.apa kabar malaysia skrg?

kat seoul ni sejuk skrg ni.musim salji~

mar mp 86 said...

ow..malaysia bese2 j..peperangan mulut la..haha.. nway, kwn2 g1 kte sum da aktif skrg..rmai pegang jwtn2 pnting.. ha.. 25hb ni ktorg nak wt lwtn g seoul..eh. bukan3.. g akademi audit negara n kilng yakult! haha

seoul? best x? rasenye sy bru jmpe kamu kt kelas smlm! hahahhahahaha*kantoi~