24 August 2011


i just deactivated my FB account.

yup. this kind of social network has made people around me argue. kept jealousy each second, minute, hour, day, weeks. it's not good for health! :)

it's miserable. kept updating status which it should not be. kept telling people where u are.

stop being attention-seeker! have your life in privacy! reduce controversies, then!

when we kept sharing a good reminder, there are people out there kept talking behind. again, it's not good for health! :) [take it positively]

to my so-concern-friend, thanks for your advice! i took it positively. for our own sake! i'm lovin' it!

thanks so much!

not only that, i just want to follow my father's advice to reduce my time for FB during this Ramadhan. increase ur time for ibadah especially ramadhan will leave us 5 or 6 days more..

muhasabah ur self. :)

i love myself!

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