02 April 2009

Another Perspective of Life

Dear the Dunkin' Donuts customer, when asked his/her choice for the last donut in the box, replied "It dozen matter!".

ADVERTISEMENT ONLY. don't hv relation with the death or still living! ^.^

A donut is just a fried piece of dough. It is that simple. But what really distinguishes it from any other bread? Now, that's the question.

Donuts are not bread, nor could we categorize them as cakes. Donuts are simply donuts with the capital letter 'D'. A donut is a circular ring, without a beginning or an ending, spinning the whole world into an endless craze.

Theremust be an underlying reason for this global craze for donuts. Open the lid of a box of donuts and you can see all the colours of your life. (ha. Try it at home. Just take it away!)

Besides, donuts are like candies which do not make adults who eat them look too childish (yeah. it's truly me!). It is a candy which looks like a bread and a bread which looks like a candy (nyum3)

Get a donut and you can see the world from a different perspective. Through the hole in the middle, even the most diminutive thing, seems so big.

Perhaps it is these little things that make life worth living!

Don't spoilt for choice!

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