25 April 2009

driving lesson ::part 1::


finally, i have sat for COMPUTER TEST today with flying colours... such an unbelievable.. huhu.

let i tell you from a to z what i've do today.. so tired..

i went to AMN (akademi memandu nilai) around 9 o'clock as told by an 'akak' last week. as usual, i went to the counter first to inform her i wanna sit the test. ok, she asked me to go to computer test room in front of surau at there.

phew. when i go there, so many people are waiting for the test.. i dunno when i got the chance. my watch showed 9.20am. so, i'm waiting for my turn with patiently.

tik tok tik tok,
10.00am:not my turn yet! to calm my 'gelabah' i read al-ma'thurat first. hehe.

around 10.15 am, i have finished read it. not my turn yet! my stomach has played 'keroncong'.. very hungry. i just eat 2 pieces of bread during breakfast today. sabar2.

11.00am: my friend had been called to sit for the test as she had coming on 8.30am. whoa! by now, their turn are coming, how about me? coming on 9.20 am, is it 1.00pm i will sit it? ha. no more. i can't bear it. my stomach had played again 'keroncong' at highest volume with bass. ^_^''

12.00pm: i sat with uncomfortable. rase cm nk tidur! kerusi da hot nak terbakar da! ha. i thought for a while. if i sleep, the 'akak' will call me then i still sleep.. no3. i dont want to sleep. i dont want miss my turn..

12.30pm: ZZZZZZZZZZ.. hoho. i have a nap! naseb akak tu xpanggil lg.. lapar lagi!!! i felt like to cry.. never been in this situation!

1.00pm: "mardhiah!" yeah. my name. the akak had called me.. yeah2.. "gi meja 10 ye. dik!" "ok. line clear".. masuk pun ngan laju.. sejuk dlm blik computer uh.. i entered my ic. then i answered the q. as usual, there was pre-test; ujian buta warna and ujian plate kereta. peh. gelabah juga nk jwb q uh. kalu slh 1, xdpt g yg 50q uh.. praise be to Allah. i got 8/8 and 5/5 respectively for the pre-test. during 50q, i answered carefully, re-check and do all q. then i press "tamat sesi" as i have finished it. press"keputusan". wow! wow! 49/50.. unbelievable beb! passed with flying colours.. bila happy dpt markah, xtengok pn kt bhgn mane yg salah. haha.

1.25pm: then i went to kaunter ambik keputusan. nk ambik tu, kene letak ibu jari kanan kt 1 alat ni.. the 'akak' said "ur thumb print cant read!..adoi. da lapar ni.. she asked me to wait for half an hour to get the result. sebabnye, jari aku basah berpeluh dlm aircond. tau2 jela cne.. after that, i went to main office to reserve for pre-L class. yeah. dengan semangatnye, i chose to go tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow! semangat nak dptkan L sebab ada instructor tu kata kalu g esok, maybe in wednesday, i can get the L if no problem.. yeay..

2.50pm: baru sampai rumah. terus serbu nasi AMBANG JAWA. mamaku bawa balik dari ceramah dia g pg uh..

**kol 7pm td dpt msg "sok s.by kul 7.30.akademi memandu nilai" peh. awalnye. last2 aku dcide nk g sndiri. haha. nk breakfast byk sk8. dala 6jam esok..


Ate3_y said...

do => i've done

with patiently => patiently / with patient

are waiting => were waiting

eat => ate


hope u don't mind....~

marushmp said...

tanx for the correction! maybe tlepas pandang or no3 i dun quite sure what to say~ hehe