10 May 2009


salam, after has long time not update my blog..
i would like to dedicate this post special for her (`awatif)
because today is her last day at bangi **that was what she said in her blog

this picture (saje xnk bg besar2..xnk bg korang cilok..kalu cilok,xlawa nnt) taken by our HR manager at her office! yeah. we called our "office" like it was belonged to us forever.. wahaha

to `awatif: if u missed me (perasan!), just watch my custom-made video i made special for u. maybe it was not as perfect as the video we have made during sci math month. did u remember that? ok. all the best for ur future. nanti kalu balik bangi, kte outing la same2. huhu. moreover, since u have used upax soon, dun forget to message me if u not busy.. send tazkeera message too! hehe. and refer to kak MJ said, dun think so much about culture shock. yeah, i know we will face with unbearable culture at there. but just set in your mind, "i'll not follow the culture"..ok, study smart and hard for your medic. dun gv up.. lg seminggu nnt, ana mesej, tgk org uh homesick x? hehe. pesanan mlmh aida perlu dituruti.. haha..

p/s: i used purple as the font colour because it was our theme even i not wear purple on your last day. but i wore purple in your pix u gave to me..^_^

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