06 June 2009

dah balik


dapat balik.. semalam lagi da balik..

anyway, no class yesterday! so, i decided to go back home.. actually, there was a story behind this 'trick' before.. hehe

i'm suppossed to go to campus to look for tutorial group list at 11am. but hasnin changed the plan about 7.30 am that she wanted go early because her kak wan want to fetch her up at KKCC at 10.30 am. so, we went to campus at 9.30am. then, during the journey (ceh, cm jauh sangat je) i hoped that the list has released.

9.45 am: we arrived at pusat tamhidi with a big ( not very big. just lil) hope. argh. no list at notice board. only timetable that long time have been pasted at there. ya Allah, how this? i dun want to wait at here until the list release. no... actually, in my mind, i have been thought that maybe it will release at 2 @ 3pm. since there are so many tamhidi students at usim. so, how it want to divide into 5 groups faster. rite? so, i messaged nadhirah and asked her to look for my group. hehe

10 am - 12pm: ok, hasnin lets go to KKCC with sad + happy (boleh balik awal) feeling. hehe. sampai2 je kt hostel tros kemas beg. haha. bawa balik baju ( utk basuh) n buku tok revise before next class

2pm: "mar, nt group 1," meessaged nadhirah. alhamdulillah. for ur info, the groups are determined by our english placement test last week. kumpulan ini ditentu berdasarkan keputusan mock muet that consist of speaking, listening, writing and reading. so ad 5kumpulan yang dibahagi2kan mengikut tahap keputusan tu la.. adoyai. cm ayat keling plak. fhm x?alhamdulillah sangat3. sesungguhnya Allah bersama2 aku di usim cuma aku je yang xperasankan kehadiranNya. astaghfirullah..

p/s: hari ini asyik tidur je. padahal esei bi xsiap lagi. haha. mar come on.. semangat balik!
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