18 June 2009

i miss them so much........

my family (we at a river near pahang after attended a wedding at bentong). adik yang ngade2, wani yang banyak cite, kakak yang banyak tanye, mama yang selalu hntr sms n ayah yang selalu hantar yah balik ke KKCC malam2. hehe

yeah. with them too. all of them are busy with their daily life except auni that still goyang kaki until next week cause she'll register on 27 june. sory nable, ur pix not at here. u came late during this function ryte?

and lastly, teacher mahiran. i've fulfilled your wish to become first sect 4 bbb centre math completer. and i miss the centre too. how ya the centre looks? change position again maybe. i know la. hehe. after long holiday or at least once per month, she'll change the position in the class. miss it.. huhu.
i missed u guys! muahxx

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