13 June 2009

nothing to say..

This is our "kolej kediaman" at Nilai Impian called Camelia Court aka KKCC. It was provided special only for girls. Guys' hostel at Sutera Indah near Giant. We're so jealous with them because their hostel at the heart of Nilai city and only 10minutes to USIM compared to us 15minutes! Huh.

Tada.. These are my new friends. From left: Muna Majidah, Nadhirah, Fahima n Hidayah. We were on the way to campus yesterday at 9.00am. Let me introduce them:

1. Muna from SMIH, Johor. She is our class representive and can speak in Arabic fluently (for me!). Moreover, she is so kind-hearted. Before forget, she and me are in same tutorial group. Hehe. So, for me, i will never misS any news from our lecturer about latest news (eg: class cancel, lecture hall changes).

2. Nadhirah from SMIH, Johor too. She is same tutorial group with me too. 1 more thing people never forget about her is she very talkative even she never know somebody yet. (If me, i'm very ashamed with that. agaga)

3. Fahima from Al-Amin Gombak. She is Hasnin's friend at Hira. We met at orientation week. This girl that is very interested in law is study in Tamhidi for Syariah and Law. So, she is different between us. ^_^

4. Hidayah from Penang. Hm. Her Penang slang sometimes made me misunderstand what she is she saying. '^_^. This Penangite is same tutorial group with me too.

That's all. I will publish another pictures next post.


cahayalembut said...

hehe.. jeles kan hostel bdak lelaki best dr kita?
(pernah merasainya...huhu)

marushmp said...

ow. dulu dok kt nilam eh? hm. dga cte la.. ad 1 tanah kt on the way g KKCC tu, nk wt shopping complex (tesco or c4). xtau la btol ke x tp nmpk da tebang pokok2 kt c2.. hehe. xd la susah nk beli brg. hehe