26 December 2009

3days of weekend + a load of homework


lately, last, during and upcoming weekend, my short holiday are in 3days! hehe

anyway, when holidays are long, just note that homework, assignment and everything are gave in load!

acc - 6 problems of managerial accounting need to be solved (status: solved on wednesday 23rd dec)

statistics - range, variation and standard deviation of grouped data need to be calculated (status: done on thursday 24th dec)

macroeconomy - 7 sets of GDP calculation need to be calculated (status: solved on thursday 24th dec)

biz - a biz plan need to be made up (status: already have the info, just need to type it)

english - 2 dialogs need to point out the points and a formal letter need to type (status: biggest loser is the theme, need to do some research about supplier and clientele and find an advertisement about job vacancy)

arabic - a title had to be chosen as a recital next wednesday (status: just find a suitable title to change with current title and need to type and memorize it)

and what is surprised me, i had done several of them before i go back home! hehe. i dont want to bring all of them home. my friends were amazed how i can do them early! ya, because of holidays! hee. and, most important - al-ta'jil lissu zaman (procrastinate is not good ok!)

recently, i heard some 'noise' that my friends did their homework a day before the class. if me, i cant did like them. it is like a tension came! moreover, i hold to "kerja mana yang boleh buat hari ini, buat cepat! jangan tangguh! nanti tetiba dapat kerja lain.. lagi susah nanti"

ok, wassalam

p/s:i. recently, miss afzan asked who have blog? me me me!! hehe

ii. elevator need to be used properly! press button carefully. jangan gaduh2.. hehe. *qila n me berebut tekan button lif kt pusat tamhidi baru-baru ini.. hehe

iii. kelas minggu ini banyak sangat gelak.. lawak ust xleh bla.. adoyai..

iv. i had to attend a kenduri at shah alam this afternoon. so, i need to type arabic now!chowlu

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