28 June 2010

MC vs Debater


Right now, i am very confuse! want to be an MC or a debater in the future?

Because each of these has its own history! *ceh. bajet je. haha

1. MC masa
perhimpunan sekolah, VIP - pengetua la.. haha
2. MC masa
Hari Takrim sekolah (Hari Penyampaian Hadiah), VIP - pegawai daerah Hulu Langat
3. MC masa
Annual Dinner TAC 2010 bulan 5 hari tu.., VIP - pengarah Tamhidi
4. latest; MC masa
Combo Gathering g7 & g8 26hb Jun 2010 baru2 ini.., VIP - presiden FASA (Former Al-Amin Student Association)

Emceeing with 'awatif during Combo Gathering G7 & G8

Emceeing with Hansah during Annual Dinner TAC 2010 -(right: pengarah Tamhidi delivered her speech at stage)

prize-giving ceremony. we're first winner in English Category
1. first time! jd 3rd speaker & reserve masa Kejohanan Debat Piala naib Canselor. johan bahasa inggeris tu! hehe
2. baru2 ini, senior sekolah aku da tahu aku pernah masuk debate kt usim ni, dia minta tolong aku train budak2 tu. dush! katanya berbakti pada sekolah. seriously, aku tak ada la terer sangat!

OK! i don't know which one is better.


1. it can develop my self-confidence
2. it can help my intonation in delivering speech
3. make me become more matured! *erk. haha!


1. helping in develop critical-mind
2. help me to know current issue
3. develop my self-confidence too

Can anyone give your opinion about these? any experience? whatever it is, my main point is i want to develop my self-confidence! *erk, any rebute? haha. POI? (point of information)


Arrharatnasari Kachong Ma'arof said...

lots of experience for both field...definitely, its all about shaping your confident.

muna majidah said...

for me, you may choose both.
coz it doesn't affect your career in future, right?
but no matter what, think about this;
"i want to make myself better and surely, my SURROUNDINGS too! yes, coz i'm khalifah of Allah"

*just an opinion and wanna say that i'll not be a debater anymore, insyaAllah


mar mp 86 said...

ratna: yeah! dats true! i need confidence to face public. in several years, we will become a leader = adaptations! hehe

mar mp 86 said...

muna: insyaAllah. pray for me to become more good better best muslim student!

erk? seriously? why?