21 October 2010

bowling obsession, my dear... (2)


Once again, I will story about my bowling obsession.. =) hehe

Yeah, finally the bowling tournament had been held successfully yesterday.

All of us are in green garments. hm. what we called incredible hulk?! haha. just kidding!

so, all of us are separated into 17 teams; including Nilai representatives and Pandan Indah rep (FODentistry). My team is team H - Shaher, Ana, Ain and me!

As what had been told before, we will play 4 games. Kinda of time is very jealous with us, coach asked to play 3 games only. never mind, i'm already tired during 2nd game. hehe

The competition start on 3.30pm after some briefing and official opening by vice director of USIM sport centre. To start the game, shaher played first. Then, my turn. Owh ya. if i'm not mistaken, i got spare for the first throwing.

So, after 1 strike and 3 spares for the 1st game, i scored 129 and my team is at the second after had been 'beaten' by team M by 23 - we scored 425.

During the second game, i was the highest female scorer among all of them. This game i scored 101 only because of tiredness by scoring 1 strike and 3 spares again! It really made me thirsty and graving.

To short the story, for the third game, i just scored 99 because i already utilize all my energy for the two games! and i got 1 strike 2 spares. total 3 strikes and 8 spares! hehe

Lastly, my team at the second by 1249 points and we are the only rep from Nilai who won the title. 1st and 3rd are from Pandan. For female scorer, im the third and 1st and 2nd are from Pandan. while, for male scorer, 1st (farouq) and 3rd (shaher) from Nilai and 2nd from pandan. It sounds nice!

well, as usual... when i played with all my energy, there will be leg-ache, backache, and hand-ache! hoho. ok. just have the view of the scenery below! pictures can describe more than 1000 words!

Team H - Shaher, me, ana, ain. all of us hold ball with weight 11, 8, 8 and 12 respectively.

Score sheet. can you see my score?! How amazing it is! *boast for a while*

Medal and hamper..

Medal and matric card! =)

p/s: tomorrow, bmb 2 will play bowling at seremban parade. i will update the story soon! wait for the part 3! hehe.. bye,...

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