27 October 2010

happy and life. you are the determiner!

i'm really happy this week *haha. baru 2 hari je-isnin&selasa*. hope it will be long-lasting. amin.

and i already heard many good news from my friends. yeah. i 'tumpang' happy with all of you. =)

not to forget, there are so many things happened to me this week (and maybe you too!); shopping, CRYING, laughing, walking, studying, SLEEPING, solving problem

all of these are about life! whatever it is, you should be strong enough to face your own life.

it will determine who you are in the future! and to determine "are you matured enough?" =)

p/s: do you satisfy with your life right now? still many weaknesess to be improved? good luck!

1 comment:

little daie said...

thats why we need to muhasabah a lot!!!