15 October 2010

bowling obsession, my dear...

Salam and Hi everyone..

You want to know something? I'm really into bowling right now! In other words, very obsessed! =)

Of course la, my dear. Next wednesday 20th Oct 2010, my tenpin bowling club will held a tournament at Mega Lanes Endah Parade. So, we already made up some groups and my team is Team H consists of Shaher, Ana, Ain and I.

In this tournament's committee, I had been assigned to be the treasurer - collect money as many as I can- The fee only RM 1! Can u believe how affordable it is?! hehe. So, the committee and coach; Sir Ali Hanafiah (expertise in bowling) already decided to play 4 games (wow!) and the tournament will start at 3pm and end at 7.30pm.

Plus, we will held a high tea after the tournament to celebrate Sir Ali for teaching us for about 1 sem, from become a beginner or dumb of bowling to the expert one (however, we can't beat Sir's prowess) =)

to all my bowlers friends; athirah s, hasnin, azie, nad, aini, asma, ratna, ana, lynn, muniey, ain, huda, auni, sabri, shaher and others, i'm wishing u best of luck!

ok. next story. still into my bowling obsession. hehe

next friday 22nd oct 2010, an activity-cum-rehlah of BMB 2 will be held at Seremban Parade. we will play bowling (again!) as what had been recommended by boys and girls also.

the reality now is, there are 7 of BMB 2 classmates are bowlers!
athirah s, hasnin, azie, nad, aini, asma and i. so, how about others? can we team up for a team?! hehe. "no3," as adira requested. haha. to make it fair and square, we will separate ourselves, adira.. and there will be 8 teams - 1 guy + 2 @ 3 girls = 3 @ 4 pax/team. nice ya?!

however, this is still under planning. hope it will be realised soon. owh ya! the objective of this activity are:
1. to strengthen the bond of ukhuwwah among us after had being classmates for 1 sem. that is the important thing!
2. to make it as semester's activity like what we have done during tamhidi, weeks before exam; to relax our mind.
3. to show our skills in bowling! haha. for them who didn't know to play or still beginner, you can learn from us or borrow from me "Steps to Success in Bowling" book. =)

To all my fellow BMB 2 friends, nice to be with all of you! =)

p/s: To look for the leadership of the class, you should look from the down-to-the-top. It's nice!


nama.aku.lynn said...

ganbatte ne~~
lets fight..=)

mar mp 86 said...

hoho. bahaya ni. dala sebelah2 je lane..

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...


i am a bowling-freak..

tournament next week - erkk

mar mp 86 said...

td kan da practice kat mid.. hehe

little daie said...

macam2 adegan tadi mar...^_^
lantai kat mid lg licin

mar mp 86 said...

haha. ye ke? menakutkan je.. patut la asma' bengang je asyik masuk longkang. haha