30 October 2010

She seems strong!

She seems strong and happy..

Her friends thought she is very strong in facing all kinds of problem..
This girl seems problem-less.

But her friends never know in one day,
she woke up from her sleep,
and she wanted shoulder to cry to..

Then, her friends came to give her support..
It's not money support,

They just wanted to ease her burden...
"mar, roger me if you need my help" *owh! kantoi sudah the she is ME!" =p
She said "OK!" *terharu sudah. pengairan sungai Nil pun bermula*

It seems like she will trouble them in another ways..

she believes in this verse:

"Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya. Dia mendapat (pahala) dari (kebajikan) yang dikerjakannya dan dia mendapat (seksa) dari (kejahatan) yang diperbuatnya" (Al-Baqarah:286)

O Allah, she really felt small in front of you. Forgive her for all her wrong deeds. Please give her the strength to face the challenges.. She really understand with the challenges she will face soon, it will make her become more matured.

“Sungguh menakjubkan dalam urusan orang-orang yang beriman, sesungguhnya semua urusannya merupakan kebaikan, dan hal ini tidak terjadi kecuali bagi mereka yang beriman. Jika dia mendapat kegembiraan, maka dia bersyukur dan itu merupakan kebaikan baginya, dan jika mendapat kesusahan, maka dia bersabar dan ini merupakan kebaikan baginya.” (Hadis Riwayat Muslim, no. 2999)

Maybe she is not the fully-iman person yet. But she hopes for it. Amin.

P/s: 1. sorry. this post kind of "luahan hati"
2. credit to 2 persons who are kind-hearted to help me in finding the verse of Quran I needed. =)
3. TITAS mind map - on the way nak buat.
4. my Sony Ericsson hp - xboleh slide. kalau slide, skrin blank. then, how i want to create message?! =(


Arrharatnasari Kachong Ma'arof said...

be strong my dear!

Problems are the spice of life. U'll be dull without probs.Thus, treat it as a challenge, not an obstacles.


mar mp 86 said...

yeah! i'm trying to be strong!

someone had taught me how to draw a smile at my face yesterday.. =)

and, problem will make myself become more matured. is it real?

Arrharatnasari Kachong Ma'arof said...

definitely, yes.

transform u the a person who can deal with any situations rationally.

mar mp 86 said...

yeah! hope so. any situations, just predict them as small matter. no big deal~ =p