04 September 2011

Pizza Muffin @ Muffin Pizza ?


I just baked pizza muffin! Okay, now, I'm confused with myself. It should be pizza muffin or muffin pizza? =.='

So, this is the recipe.

Pizza Muffins (6 pieces)
edit by: miss MARvellous

Bahan A
  • 2 c tepung
  • 1 1/2 sk baking powder
  • 1 sk gula
  • 3 btg sosej- chopped (more pieces, more mengancam!)
  • 1 sb origano
  • 1 sb parsley- optional
  • 1 sk garam
  • or, any other toppings u want. eg: floss @ serunding

Bahan B
  • 1 sb tomato puree (i just replaced this with chilli sauce!)
  • 3 sb air
  • 1 c susu
  • 1 telur (haha. luckily, there was an egg left in the fridge!)
  • Cheese secukupnya (if u want to use cheesdale or any pieces cheese, slice it to small pieces)

*c=cawan, sk=sudu kecil, sb=sudu besar*


1. Gaul semua bahan A dalam 1 mangkuk.
2. Dalam mangkuk lain, pukul telur dgn garfu, dan masukkan air, susu dan tomato puree.
3. Tuangkan bahan B ke dalam Bahan A dan gaul sebati. Jangan overmix!
4. Sapu sedikt marjerin di sekeliling muffin tray tray. Masukkan sedikit (dalam 1 sudu) dlm muffin tray, letak sedikit cheese kat tengah2, dan tutup dgn separuh lagi adunan.
5. Sprinkle sedikit serunding kat atas kalau suka.
6. Bakar 220 C, selama 12 minit atau hingga keperangan2.

Sedap dimakan begitu saja atau dgn sos cili. nyumm!!


Now, let's check the pictures out! ;)

i'm the first using this muffin tray! wee~

okay, now, can u see, i just put a 'pinch' of floss on it. so delicious, so yummy! ;p
owh ya! forgot to mention, i mixed the floss into the mixture too. so, it means, the floss were inside and outside. got it?

1 more things, don't put the mixture till full. just put 3/4. okay. frankly speaking, in this picture, the three above tu, i put full, and the three below, i put 3/4 only. 

why? it will kembang sekembang2nya. let's check it out!

hehe. during 5 mins of baking. be careful! don't try this at home! :p

owh. sangat kembang masa tu! chubby! geram i! :)

ha! nampak x, the full one td tu, da kembang macam nak terkeluar dari mould dia! hehe
yg 3/4 td tu, maintain kat dalam mould.. 

ni la hasilnya!

very delicious! it is better served while hot! lembut~
so, a piece of tips here: put the fillings as much as possible! lagi banyak lg sedap!

for pizza enthusiasts, have a try! 
*asyik makan pizza dalam pan je.. try something different! :)

p/s: cooking is such a good therapy!

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