10 January 2009

>>my first salary::


First of all I want to say sorry to all my followers of my blog coz dah lama tak update ini blog. tu pun curi2 upload pix upin ipin kat ofis hr uh.. hehe

Why upin ipin ya? Hm. Kt ofis tempat kerja, ramai betul buat bunyi message n incoming call, suara upin ipin. Comel bangat.

Tambah2 lagi ada anak staf uh, dia suka sangat sampai nak tengok cerita upin ipin kat comp yang saya kerja in.. haha

Okey2. Ni nak habaq mai ni, I juzt got my first salary from my employer on 6th January for December I worked for that.. haha.. excited bangat!

my first salary!

Juzt 6days I worked for December I got rm102! So much! Rasa macam tak percaya dalam 6hari dpt banyak uh. Hehe.

Bila da dapat duit yang banyak uh, mula la dapat banyak sangat advices from my parents! They asked me to jimat cermat lebih2 lagi ekonomi tak menentu kat msia ni. Anytime the economy can gawat more worst than 1998! Hah! Kene sekali. Haha.

And they asked me too to separate the salary into 2 parts; 40pc for perbelanjaan & 60pc for savings! Ok, mama and ayah I will follow ur advices! So many ma. Hm, anybody want to give their advices for about this case?

So, bila duit da bertambah nnt, nak beli PSP (I’ve been a game maniac since spm finished . Haha) and new handphone (1 more for sony ericsson)! Heh. Anyway, I’ll use it properly and carefully for my future!

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