12 March 2011

1st Year Accounting Students' Industrial Visit Trip 1


Before this, I had posted that I'm one of the committee for Industrial Visit. So, praise be to Allah, the 1st trip had been successfully held last Wednesday (9th March 2011). The heads of visit are Aqwam and Kak Zakiah.

The journey began at 8.30 am from KK1, USIM. The first place we headed to was Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), KL. Praise be to Allah again that the journey on that morning was smooth. Yeah, I thought there will be morning jam as usual because people heading towards city on the morning.

FYI, students had been divided into two groups for this Industrial Visit because corporate company can't accept 140++ students for visiting. So, we decided to divide into two. And, this trip 1 is consists of students from BMB 4, 5 and half from BMB 1.

After 50mins of journey, we arrived at PNB and the programme started with briefing from an officer of Accounting department and followed by briefing about PNB. As usual, at the end of the briefing, there must be Q&A session. Those students participated actively by asking many questions. 

And, one of that is "As Sime Darby is one of your anak syarikat, does the investment had been affected last year? As all of us know that Sime Darby has internal problem last year," asked Mardhiah, one of the students. *buat-buat xkenal je siapa Mardhiah tu.... =p* The answer is, PNB already has their reserve@back-up investment.

[candid style in front of PNB office]

At 12.30pm, we headed to Shah Alam for Zuhur prayer at Shah Alam Mosque. Alhamdulillah, at this time, all what we've planned had been tallied with the tentative provided. After performed Zuhur prayer, we headed to Karangkraf at 2.30pm.

[in front of Karangkraf]

We had been brought by the officer to have all departments visiting - graphic, editorial, printing etc. Actually, this is one of my long-time-dream; to visit any behind the scenes (magazine or newspaper printing, television). It is an interesting experience to have behind the scenes view.

At here, students had been exposed to editor's, graphic designer's, journalist's tasks. Also, how printing and stapling machine works and many more! I can't describe here! hehe.

[some students with ILUVISLAM's editor]

Anyhow, this visit end at 7pm and it was totally overstayed from the tentative. It should finish at 5pm. And, I can see exhausted faces from each students! haha. We arrived at USIM  at 9pm after performed Maghrib prayer at Dengkil R&R.

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to handle students' visit! Kiddies' visit is more easy la... yeah. As what oldies said, "banyak udang banyak garam, banyak orang banyak garam.." Obviously, from this visit, the students itself had proved this statement! huh.

I hope for the next trip, this coming Wednesday (16th March 2011) will run smoothly. We will head to Beryl's Chocolate factory, Serdang and Malaysia Rubber Board, KL. And, my advice is please behave yourself okay!


P/s: Mummy, nak follow! ='(


nama.aku.lynn said...

waa..seriusss super duper jelous niii..best nye korang!dpt lawat 2tmpt high class tu..=)

p/s:teror la mardhhiah yang tnye soalan tu!haha~

mar mp 86's said...

haha. xd pape yang nak dijeleskan la.. penat je dapat.. hehe

p/s: em. power kan Mardhiah tu? hehe