12 March 2011

Rainbow just shows her self today... =)

Can you see the beautiful rainbow there? I want to reach it! Can someone take it for me? wee~
[this picture was taken today at 7.26pm from Block B, KK1 USIM]

Rainbow, Rainbow
that was her nickname.
A name she had obtained, 
for all the colors she'd appreciate.

Rainbow, Rainbow
that was her calling
to come out in style to show the worlds vibrant.

Rainbow, Rainbow
they laughed at her colors
said she was different 
not normal like others.

Rainbow, Rainbow
they took her as a joke.
Just a mere girl looking for attention you know? 

Rainbow, Rainbow
lover of rain
not a care in the world of what other people say.

Rainbow, Rainbow
she started too change
The world saw her brightly 
now shes all black and grey.

Rainbow, Rainbow
why goes this way.
We've all secretly loved you.
So why not stay the same! 

Rainbow, Rainbow 
you bring us joy
You shed light too our day.
So go back to your ways

Rainbow, Rainbow
we appreciate your love! 
We see differently now
so stay who you are.

Rainbow, Rainbow! 
That's who I am.
A girl of 14 
who is oddly at best.

Rainbow, Rainbow! 
Everyone calls me that.
I'm just a use for you all,
 but i don't mind that.

Rainbow, Rainbow
A mirror image I am.
A reflection of colors
that most people don't understand.

Rainbow, Rainbow
you called my name? 
Why hello I'm here.
To shed light to your day 

anees akbar 

p/s: i. sometimes Allah hides the Sun and make it Rain to show you the Rainbow. =)
ii. When I looked at the sky today, I looked for the aeroplane too.. ='(


little daie said...

i know you want to fly with them...

tak pe, lepas ni kita main kat belakang kk1 eh^_^

mar mp 86's said...

hehe. yeay! and, that's means nadhirah xbleh balik la weekend kan? kan? kte nak main2 kan? kan? hehe