19 March 2011

1st Year Accounting Students' Industrial Visit Trip 2


First of all, I would like to announce officially that the Industrial Visit (IV) for 1st year Accounting students had met the end line! wee~ *It means a lot to me!*

However it is, they still enjoy this. hip2 horraaay! =)

Last Wednesday, BMB 2, BMB 3 and half of BMB 1 had joined this IV. This time we headed to Beryl's chocolate factory, Serdang and Malaysia Rubber Board (MRB), KL. Alhamdulillah, we (the committee) tried to do our best after we learnt the mistakes that we had done during the 1st IV. And it works a lot! Thanks guys!

Okay2. Let's begin our journey..

We started our journey from USIM at 9am and arrived at Serdang about 9.45am. The weather on that morning was cloudy and it was raining after passing thru Kajang toll. 

At Beryl's, the mixture of milk+chocolate can be smelt everywhere and this can be detected during our 1st step there! OMG! I like chocolate smell! Anyway, we watched a chocolate making presentation after had been invited by one of Beryl's officer. After that, the officer brought us to the Wall-of-Chocolate-History tour. It tells a lot about chocolate history, the making of chocolate and many more. 


After the 10mins tour, it is chocolate shopping time! wallawey! I thought USIM's students didn't like chocolate! haha. They shopped till drop! RM15++ per person for this only! phew! 

yeah! shopping till there is a hole in your pocket! =p

However, the officer had limited our shopping time because there will be next trip after us. To make it short, our plan of 1h 30mins beryl's tour not achieved the objective. why I'm saying like that? because this tour only took 45mins only guys! 45mins! How we want to spend the free time before 2.30pm?

hahaha. the answer is......

We headed to Great Eastern Mall (GEM)! haha. And, we call this as emergency plan! YES, EMERGENCY PLAN! (no typing error here, guys) Luckily, GEM is there; several steps to MRB... hehehe. yeah. Sort of happening event I can see and experience there - market surveying, prank calling, shopping again (yet, it is a good purpose, buy a novel again!)

Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang, KL

After performed Zohor prayer there, we headed to MRB with our courageous-effort.. yeah.. we are so courage to walk at KL roads with hundred-unstoppable-cars!! I hate to cross road especially at KL! Then, I call this part, death booking ! (menempah maut!)

 warmest welcome form MRB's officers

Okay2. Let's continue the journey...

At MRB, we had been welcomed by MRB's officers with warmest heart. yeah! What I can see is they accept our visit with their big heart! <3

 Encik Junaidi b Ismail, MRB's Chief Accountant

 Explanation about the system they used.

We had been briefed by Encik Junaidi about MRB, accounting software system they used and many more.. we learnt a lot there. And, the most precious keyword we need to hold is FAHAM not HAFAL if we want to be a successful accountant in the future! =) 

After that, we toured Account & Financial Department. Owh ya! Forgot to say, MRB building had been built since 1925! whoa! It is heritage building..

Happy faces at all!

Yeah3! I'm really satisfy with this trip 2... This is because of all of them behave properly and my BMB2 classmates followed for this time.. =)) U made me smile till the ears..

Okay, before I end this post, I would like to say a lot of thank you to Eman (head of trip 2), Fazlie (chief of industrial visit), Atikah Nor (secretary of IV), Aqwam (head of trip 1), kak Zakiah (deputy head of trip 1) and all who have succeeded this trip. Thank you for your cooperation ! 

Bye ! Take care !

P/s: 1. end of this IV means 1 burden has been reduced. =)
2. I learnt to drink one beverage yesterday, milo tabur! hahaha.. thank you for introducing me this... 
3. Today, they will arrive at Malaysia.. Miss them.. I want to go to KLIA! yeay!


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