22 January 2012

Don't interpret LOVE falsely!

Assalamualaikum my dear readers! :)

Naa, I brought to you a special, sweet video (for me, it's kinda sweet!) Btw, I just tumpang gembira for them. What else I can say? Age is no more a barrier when you have a good, suci intention to build the masjid. :)

And, what is it related with the title? So, check these notes out! It's from Hilal Asyraf. It's so nice to read. Change your mind and please, don't interpret LOVE falsely ^_^ Becuase of us, human, we made the LOVE seems 'dirty'!

Note #2: Kata Cinta!

That's all for today's post. I'm gonna post about my LOVE in books after this! HCNY!

Good night and wassalam.. ^__^

P/s: i. We love to be loved!

ii. Love till jannah!

iii. Congratulations to Ally and Farah! :)

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