21 January 2012

The passion is coming...

Salam.. :)

I just finished my last paper, COMMERCIAL LAW yesterday. And now, I'm gonna miss the CA, SOGA and HPA! heh. *I can't forget how I flip through the act to find the suitable sections and just wrote it down to the answer sheet! #mcm meniru pun ada. hoho

By the way, as the break is for 1 month, it means I will continue with my passion that is BAKING! hoyeah! The cakes in my waiting list are OREO CHEESECAKE and MOISTEST CHOCOLATE CAKE! hee~ I can't wait!

I think that's all! Hope that all my lecturers will mark our answer sheet in good mood. :) And, not forget to mention, the 3rd semester was really full of emotions! #happy, sweet, sour, sad, frust and the list goes on... ^_^

P/s: how about this new facelift? just nice, right? :)

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