28 February 2009


i LUV chocolate very much nowadays...
hah. dont misunderstanding bout diz choc. i noe it was boycotted coz NESTLE.
( da tu xkan nak buang kot? 470 baht tu. haha)
but my dad received it from his KOREA friend that visited his office bout last week.
u know what? the contents of the box was not available at msia such as the 'peanut butter' flavour. wow.
when i saw the box of the choc. i screamed loudly in the morning before go to work
hehe. so now it has been finished by us and very most by me. hehe
1 more...
yesterday my dad had received again a box of msian chocolate. de' HATTEE. nice flavour.
then i thought for awhile.
wow. not bad ma msian chocolate. same as the imported choc.
so, anybody wanna give me a box of choc. i accept it with BIG hands and heart..

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