10 February 2009


"what happen to my eyes?"

just now, i go on with my intention to bake choc cake. as usual, i read the instructions first before bake it. 1 of the instructions is i must prepare 800 ml of water. i mix it properly with the mix. It was very melt as not usual I done before!! Ha? What I've done? I read the instructions again. Ha (again)! The mix need 80 ml. Not 800ml. it was totally BIG diffrence. angry!!

The cake I was idamkan before this hancur!! Hua hua hua (crying). I thought I must throw it into dustbin before my mom know. (ngee). I don't have chnce to do it! She has go downstairs and it really added my stress! Lastly, we edited it with some ingredients like flour, sugar and choc. But the cake not really delicious as I wanted like Choc Mud Cake and Choc Indulgence Cake at Secret Recipe. My fav!



What i really want now is DON'T want to wear spectacles!! So, to my friends who really3 hope I wear spectacles such as Watip n Nable, forget it ya! Pray for me not to wear it forever. If not i will blame it to all of u!! gggrrr..

p/s: sebenarnya nak post semalam, tapi ad connection error pulak, so post hr ni. tp ni cte smlm. hehe

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