25 February 2009

secret garden!

believe it or not?
our 'secret garden' at home was published at Impiana Laman magazine mac-april '09 edition section "Oasis Pembaca".. haha. so, for everyone who wanna see our 'secret garden' organised by my mother (sumtimes me too!), buy it NOW! look how it was!


Try to be secretive said...

pergh....xleh blah..nk ckp gak dy yg bwt...
(sumtimes me too)...
hahaha..i believe dat..

marushmp said...

haha. da memang gitu.. lgpun bkak tngkp kt blik ana uh tros nmpk secret garden uh. haha

Designer said...

Hah, yeke?

The Oathkeeper said...

bes2 umah ade taman,.

uit,.yg result tu sure ke???

marushmp said...

to designer:

yela. kalu xcaye cbe tgk majalah uh page 12. haha.

to oathkeeper:
bese2 j ad taman pn. haha. tu ramalan la. tp dga kate cmtula. yg xle blanye. ad org kate hr ni. haha