05 May 2010

Tamhidi Experience


Long time no write at this space! Hehe. Yeah, I am only copying from my favourite site for my own previous posts. Anyway, as I have very much free time for now, I would like to type for my own. Yeah! Tiredly type.

So, as usual, when I visit my blog, firstly, I will click for Feedjit. Look up for my loyal visitors, the new seekers for 'tidbits' in my blog. Hehe. FYI, recently, what makes me feel amazing and interesting are many visitors googling at google by searching for "pengalaman tamhidi, tamhidi akaun& muamalat, usim& matrikulasi." So, these are the proves!

pengalaman tamhidi

**ahai. ad jgak yg mencari 2 insan ni. hehe

Did you know that, UPU result for SPM 2009 leavers just announced last week? So, maybe, they are trying to find what is tamhidi akaun & muamalat all about! and suddenly my blog appeared out at google for their resources! How proud I am! Hehe. As what I can recall when I got the offer from USIM, I did not make any research about USIM. Just pretend to be "redha" with this faith. Hoho.

So, for those who succesfully gained any offer from IPTA/IPTS, I'm wishing you best of luck! Campus life is very interesting! Trust me. You can become an independent learner. For future USIM's students, lecturers at Tamhidi are very sporting. They can help you a lot as long as you help yourself! Don't be sarcastic. To become a bright student, you must 'shine' among others; don't shy to ask, complete tutorial on time, read first before lecture start.

Campus life is totally different with schools. At school, you can depends only on your text books, latih tubi exercise for exam. While, for me, that have experienceS at Tamhidi, sat for exam are menat for studying for whole week without any distruptions; watching movies at laptop, messaging, and what is most important- have your meal at instant ( i don't mean hv maggi. hehe)

Ok la. I don't want to story anymore for my experience. Have and enjoy your campus life soon! It was very interesting! Trust me.. Ow ya! For those who searching for my Tamhidi experience, you can browse at right bottom for my previous posts from May 09-April 10. Bye. Wassalam. Have a nice day!

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