29 July 2011

Harimau Malaya

Anak Harimau Malaya. comel tak? ;)

Okay. Macam over excited pula dengan bola kali ni. tak tahu kenapa.. hehe. 

By the way, I've changed my profile picture at FB, from flowers to this cub, this night. For several days ahead only, maybe hehe. 

Here, I want to share some of my FB status that I've posted. haha *mcm da xde keje lain.. :p

 Directly, after I've changed it, my best-ever-schoolmate a.k.a Nable said my profile picture is so nice... :)
U made me smile alone. *tersengih2 cm kerang busuk.. :p

 This one, after I've folded the clothes, when I can't control myself anymore, I thought that I must do something. *Kcing! sambil terkeluar mentol tu~ ;p Laptop is on! Then, I posted this status. hehe

 Over-excited when Harimau Malaya had scored for 1 goal! :)

 Owh. This one, when I got frustrated with SINGApore's tactic. They always like to go out from the field; pretending that they've getting hurt. Hish.

 Finally, when the game has ended. I just copied it from Harimau Malaya's page
And, their view is same goes to me!
My friend asked me since when I become the sports commentator? haha

This one, my friend, Munirah 'treat'ed me this ball ice-cream.. Thru FB yaaaawww!
She said that this ice-cream named Soccerball; no more available in this world. *thanks to Mr Google, anyway! But, there is one that similar to that is Wall's Moo.. Haha.
Sabar jela. Memang tengah lapar masa tu.. :(
Then, I just went downstairs, grab some bread and seaweed! Terus kenyang.. hehe

Okay.. That's all! Maybe this spirit will be lasted for 2-3 days. Then, the Ramadhan spirit will come! ;)
The 'preparation' is only about 30%, for now. Only several know what is the 'preparation' is all about! 
Nak tidur. Bye! Before sleep, just forgive and forget ya!

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