01 July 2011

Love is blind...

Goood morning, guys! 

Yup! It's 1st July already! :(

June has gone yesterday. I'm forgot to say goodbye to her because I was tired of stay active whole day at campus, went to airport, owh. busy in facing life as student! ;)

Anyway, I just want to share with you a song that I frequently listen several days ago. Its melody, lyrics is so nice. But, before that, I don't know what's the title. Then, I just it let go. Just listen to it for many times. For your information, this song is our ALSP's background music.

But, somehow, I have a blogwalking this morning, to my friend's blog, and found that he asked to listen to a song '"love is blind - ash king". I tried to listen to at Youtube. and, you know what?! I jump happily because, at last, I know the title! yeah3! thanks3! ulalala~ :)

Now, I give to you all the chance to listen to this too! Just share my happiness. Anyway, if you want to play this song, let the "My Love-Westlife' that currently playing in my blog, stop playing. How? Scroll down till the end (not so end..), and you can see stop button (in red colour). Just click and don't hesitate! :)

Before I pen off, I just want to quote again,
 make each day your masterpiece

Now, I really do! :)

P/s: Again, I want to stress again that, JUNE IS FULL OF HAPPINESS, SADNESS, LAUGHTER, ANGER, MOODY (xpasal2). This week only, many masterpieces, in each mood, I have created. (Planning of ice-skating (but xjadi), went to Miss Syuhada's home, have a breakfast and lunch not according to the time (during isra' and mi'raj holiday), when the dinner came terus hilang selera, suddenly moody although Malaysia vs Taiwan football tournament is on, the sadden moment came through, but cheers back in the morning, let all be calm, watching ELSP, busy attending 2 meetings in a day (berkejar2 kot), then, came the moment I shouldn't forget. Only we know! haha. :P. Then, I knew, those moments are the conclusion for this month, JUNE. 

I love you, JUNE! :)

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