16 July 2011

Roses are Forever ! :)

Good evening, readers!

Yeah. Lately, my blog has turned into recipe blog! hehe. What else I can say... It's multi-purpose blog... *erk?

Haha. Forget bout it!

Okay2. I went to Putrajaya Floria 2011 at Precinct 2 yesterday. Yup. Kind of dating with my mom! because just only two of us. My lil sis went to school. haha. So, let me story to all of you by describing these below pictures..

Check it out!

This part called "Growers Garden".
Several nurseries have showing their masterpieces by decorating a plot of land by colourful flowers. 
Yeah. The attraction is on the swans above. So cute~ :) 
I thought there was only just replica in the pond but there also a couple of swans at the back.

Flowers are everywhere. Can't describe it anymore. 
You need to be there. Smell the smell. *erk?
Smell the original fragrance.. hehe
By the way, there are strawberries there!

This one is "Orchid Garden"
Various orchids are there~
Colourful too! :)

Flowers, flowers, flowers.
Ow ya! This Floria just nearby the Steel Mosque. Can you see it?
Also, Putrajaya Cruise and Alaf Baru Monument. 
Ignore the chocolate 'flowers' there! :p

This section called "Showcase Garden"
Some corporate companies such as Sime Darby, Jabatan Landskap Negara (JLN) and DBKL are showing their creativity in landscaping. 
Yup. They have won several awards for their creativity. 
Em this one I can't remember whose. hehe

Okay. This one Sime Darby's and JLN's.
Nice, right? 
Yeah. They deserve the awards! 
*ups. look alike I want to promote these corporate. heh*

This one, DBKL's and Perbadanan Putrajaya's.
Theirs are nice too! Colourful flowers..
Anyway, can you see a tram there?
Yup. A mode of transport for those who are malas2 nak jalan.hehe

Bloomy, right?
Such a therapy for those who need calmness.. :)

Okay. That' all from me.
Tomorrow is the last day. Let's go! 
I guarantee you with lot of joyful! Serious~
Come be part of enjoyment.. :)

Anyway, "Roses are Forever" is the theme for this event! 
For more info, click here

P/s; 1.I bought a cactus as a treat for myself! :)
2. Someone had proposed me last night! terkejut kot!


little daie said...

mar...ana pergi jgk.hee tp malam


mar mp 86's said...

wah! malam mesti lagi best~ :)

tenang kan? i like. 'heaven' at world? huh

little daie said...

sangat best!! tapi romantik sgt.. tak nampak bunga.

teringin daisy^_^