08 July 2011

Mashed Potato Golek2..

Salam and good evening readers!! :))

So, 2 days ago, the short semester has gone. Bye2 short semester, hi holiday!

Yup. holiday for 2 months. It means the time for me to do all activities I had planned before! Yeay!

As trying new recipes is one of my activities I had planned, I'm planning to post all recipes I will try soon. Heh. Just want to make sure this blog is not berhabuk! :p

Okay, for today, I just cooked mashed potato as one of side dishes for tonight's dinner. Let me share the recipes. Click here. Credit to My Resipi.

So, this is my Mashed potato golek2~ hehe

Its gravy is not like the famous mashed potato out there. Quite disappointed okay.. =.='

But never mind, still delicious! Just berketul2 because of over-corn flour! I'm gonna improved it later!

By the way, it's happened because I made it double; double the ingredients. The given recipe is for 1 pax. Maybe, I can't estimate properly kot. That's why its corn flour berketul2.

Hm. That's why we should try and do the experiment first before we give to our loved ones to eat in the future! hee~ ;)

All after all, my family love enjoy eat it during dinner! Even my sister at Gombak asked me the recipe when she knew that I'm gonna try this recipe at home! haha.

Okay. see ya again at the next recipe! :)

P/s: 1. Whoa! Seriously. I really enjoy cooking at my house's kitchen compare to other kitchen. hehe
2. Rasa macam nak try semua resipi! Today is side dishes, is tomorrow dessert or cake? hm...
3. My mom said holiday is not the time for me to 'bina badan'. I should excercise too.. Okaaayyy.. Baik~


GrEeN CrYsTaL said...

Mar...jgn bina badan..hehe...

mar mp 86's said...

haha. xbina la. nak kukuhkan je.