26 July 2011

Where little kids becoming future Obama :)


What is the title all about? hehe.

I just came back from UKM Inter-varsity Debating Championship.

A first-time for me to represent USIM in debating. And, maybe a step before I go forward for the next tournament! ;)

We have 3 teams altogether; Fawwaz & Me (USIM 1), Asma' & Safwan (USIM 3), Tyra & Zul Daus (USIM 2). No reserve at all.

Owh ya! This tournament was in British Parliament style where it is consists of OG, OO, CG and CO. (O- Opening, C- Closing, G- Govt. and O-Opp.) Yeah. It was my first time competing in this style. Because before this, I was familiar in Asian style; Govt vs Opp.

Em. Let me story the flow of this tournament. Quite awesome~ :p *should I start from our journey from USIM? Nope!* Haish. Cut the crap!

Okay. The tournament began with briefing for debaters and adjudicators at 3pm. FYI, each team needs to send an adjudicator. As we have 3 teams, so, as the adjudicators too - Fazlie, Hanisah and Ain.

Round 1: 
THBT 1st world countries should remove affirmative action policies targeting woman.
Role: CO
Vs: CHS 1, UKM 4, KDU 1
Rank: 4 *it's means we lost!*

This motion was quite interesting because it's all about women. But, the affirmative action policies itself made me asking what it is all about? I don't have idea at all. Hoho. But, never mind, I just gave my best as I can see a spectator-cum-booster-cum-'troublemaker'-cum-trainee adjudicator is there to watch the debating. Finally, he just commented that I was like to propose the case where I should to oppose! Haha. *Is it true? I thought I had opposed already!* Anyway, the CA said I had not fulfilled the role fulfillment as the1st speaker from CO which I need to extend OO's point. Hoho. I just accepted it~

Round 2: 
THW set up brothels in military bases
Role: OO
Vs: UTeM 1, UTeM 2, UTP 3
Rank: 3 *it's means we are not lost but kind of win!*

Haha. Looks funny, right? From Govt, there was a girl speaker and same went to Opp and it was me! Others were guys. This motion started about 6.30pm and ended at 8 pm. *Lama kan? We were starving at that time! Serious! heh. Okay. I performed well because 2nd speaker of OO didn't need to do the extension. haha. That's why we got 3rd. 

So, this round was the last round for 1st day. Then, we headed to Kolej Pendeta *TUN* Za'aba to check-in, to sleep, to eat, to blablabla.. hehe

Round 3: 
THBT hacking for the purposes of revealing injustices is legitimate
Role: CG
Vs: USIM 3, UTM 1, UPNM 3
Rank: 4 *again! when we're at Closing*

I enjoyed so much this motion because we, USIM teams were together at Govt's side. Haha. *tah pape punya alasan*. Just interesting because the CA was Mr Sherfey. His comment made me want to the best after this. However, I'm pity on Fawwaz because he was aiming for rank 2. But, because of me who didn't fulfill the role in extension, we got 4th. *tension kot lepas tu* I just seal my mouth and kept thinking what I should do.

Round 4: 
THBT prisoners should receive indefinite prison sentence until they are deemed fully rehabilitated
Role: CO
Vs: USIM 3, a secondary school, X
Rank: 3 * we did it because the OO performed very well till I can extend properly. heh~

I like this motion! Because we're opposed this motion, my point was 'Do we want to live in a world that is full of jails?' yeah~ hehe. I do love this motion. I do love this motion. I do love this motion. Okaaayy. Enough! Hehe. Btw, there was still a sad story during the prep time. huhu. Only three of us knew! :'(

Round 5: 
THBT govt shouldn't limit scientific research based on religions & moral considerations.
Role: OG
Vs: USIM 3, TARC 1, TARC 2
Rank: Undefined *heh. because it was silent round*

We didn't like this motion. I can't understand what it was all about! I'm not a science student! Help me~ I just delivered my point in 4 minutes, where it should be 7 minutes, only because there was no points anymore I can rebut and elaborate. Same goes to USIM 3 team. They didn't understand what it is all about. Finally, we just perform as what we can. Our USIM adjus found us weird, speechless because our delivering average-time was 3-5 minutes only! *shame on us*

However it is, we did for experience sake. Because, there just only Fawwaz and Zul who are familiar with this BP style. The rest are learning. And, the newbies too; Asma' and me.

Alhamdulillah, gained great experience in the UKM IV. great experience, great time with all.. ♥ we already like a family... :) 
That's all! Nice to meet all~
It's nice to share all the mementos.


P/s: 1. Next tourney will be IIUM Open. BP Style. Newbies partner. heh~
2. USIM English Debate "Where little kids becoming future Obama"
2. Next week is Ramadhan. Are u ready?


~H.u.r a.L 'a.i.N~ said...

wah..tahniah mar!:)

mar mp 86's said...

hehe. thanks! :)

[-UnknowN-] said...

go and learn more..
as much as you can..
i was in UKM IV last year..
next year boleh tlg training alamin..i will be in kuantan by then.you can assist adam..hehe

and i believe Sherfey is actually Surfi?big guy from bangladesh..

mar mp 86's said...

em. for training? we'll discuss later.

Yup. That's right. Sherfey is Surfi. I don't know the exact spelling. hehe

Btw, thanks for dropping here!