10 July 2011

Spaghetti Bolognese + Watermelon Juice... :)

Very delicious. Promise! ;)

Yesterday, I cooked spaghetti bolognese for lunch. Owh ya! Watermelon juice as the beverage~

Look delicious, right?

Haha. Sorry la. It just finished on the spot. I can serve you with this picture only.

The story began here..

My mom always teasing me by asking me, "Hari ni nak masak apa pulak?" Haha. Seems like I should and need to go to kitchen and cook something. Because, the day before, I was over-excited to made mashed potato golek2 tu..

Then, the idea came. I went to the kitchen and looking for what I can cook. Yeah! I saw spaghetti and its gravy! Apa lagi, sentap la! Haha.

Orang yang da pro masak spaghetti ni, less than 45mins da siap! Haha.

At the same time, while waiting for the spaghetti to be ready to serve, I blended watermelon to make it as beverage. Whoa! Clearly crystal, watermelon can quench the thirst! hehe.

Ehem. So, what I want to tell here, I am multi-tasking! Bravo~ *haha. boast gle!*

My mom said, in cooking we should have multi-tasking skill. Not just cooking, but you should washing dishware in the sink, prepare for the table and others work at the same time. Nak basuh baju dalam washing machine pun boleh!

So, I prepared all of these about 1hour and 15mins ALONE! yup. Alone. Heh. Da siap semua, baru panggil semua makan! yeay.

My family enjoyed so much till speechless. Lapar dan sedap sangat! ;)

Okay. That's all!

P/s: Hari ni xmasak ape2. Jogging in the morning and kemas2 rumah in the afternoon.


GrEeN CrYsTaL said...

Haha..taw x pe..mmg kna multi-tasking la..klu x cm mna nk siap smua kje..my mom also ask me 2 do that thing 2..huhu...

finding serene said...

ish2.. x bek show off!!.

haha. ble nak masak melayu yang oii?

mar mp 86's said...

like both comments! ;)