29 July 2011

Upside-down Pizza

Good evening, readers!! Auummm!! Hehe

Harimau Malaya cub is craving for pizza today! Then, she cooked this pizza, which called upside-down pizza.

Why upside-down? Because, its topping is at bottom and its bread is at above!

And, credit to my new friend, Tun Telani for the recipe. Click herfor the recipe.

Em. By the way, there is a story behind this recipe-searching. hehe. Okay, frankly speaking, I was not so pro in kneading the dough. Any dough, okay! Any dough! Pity on me.. :'( 

One day, past 2 weeks maybe, I searched for recipes which I can try, as usual. Suddenly, me found this quite-interesting-pizza-name; UPSIDE-DOWN PIZZA. I clicked on the link then snapped my fingers *kcing3~ hehe*. And I screamed loudly as there is a recipe which it should used dough but this one not! *haha. faham ke tidak? 

So, today, officially, I've tried this recipe! Awesome, wonderful, irresistible! em, what else? hehe

In the pan.

Quite oily, my mom said. I need to reduce the oil when cooking its topping! :)
Anyway, its hangus tu didn't give any impact pun. Still delicious! Trust me!

Make it slice!

I think, it is better if you eat it the way it should be, where the down should be at the right position! haha. Got it? Em. Just eat it like others pizza. The topping is at the top!

Okay, Munirah has made me jealous on her yesterday because of ice-cream only! And, she had challenged me to buy any~ So, today, I bought myself an ice-cream! :p
Munirah, whatever it is, even I can't find Wall's Moo or Chocolate Sundae, naaa, I've one too!! *wekk..


P/s: Done for today: Pizza
Waiting list in recipe: Kek puding karamel and kek batik.
*kesian org2 kat rumah ni, rasa jela eh? hehe. it's my passion, then! ;)


hudahassan said...

waw ! tak tau pon mar ade belog ! huda jadik bloglist ag ! nanti huda letak kat mar jadik bloglist jugak lahh !! :)

mar mp 86's said...

haha. bukan dulu huda pna datang sini ke? masa tu huda komen kt chatbox. tp chatbox tu da xd. mslh sket. hehe.

okay! letak skrg! hehe ;)